"Easy Fortune Happy Life" filming ends, Joe Chen and Roy Chiu flies to China

Roy Chiu (left) did not win Joe Chen in the series, but it might not be so in real life.

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" is ending its run but it seems unlikely that the relationship between Roy Chiu and Joe Chen will end with the series. Filming for the series ended yesterday and Roy Chiu is heading for Hengdian today for the filming of Mainland series "Strange Tales Of Liao Zhai 3". Following that, Joe Chen will go to Shanghai or Chong Qing to film a mainland series "Jia Qi Ru Meng".

"Autumn's Concerto", starring Ady An and Vanness Wu, will start airing on 4th October and "Easy Fortune Happy Life" has already ended filming. Following the typical story ending, female lead Joe Chen ended up with Blue Lan. As for Roy Chiu, who has always been there for her by her side, although he lost in the series, he won the lady's heart outside the series.

However, Joe Chan once said that she was the kind of person who will have to think through long and hard regardless of it being a (decision to) get together or break up. It took her n times to truly break up with her caucasian boyfriend Michael. Although she quite get along quite well with Roy Chiu, there was still a lot of tests to overcome. Previously, there was a scene in "Easy Fortune Happy Life" where ROy Chiu had to piggyback Joe Chen, who was blabbering under the influence of alcohol. She was talking and crying at the same time. Roy Chiu hooked her lefs to prevent her from slipping downwards and hurting herself. In the end, there was a red mark on his neck (from the pressure of her arms) and he nearly couldn't breathe.

Joe Chen kept apologising, "My hand just kept pressing at his neck, I'm really sorry." Roy Chiu, who carried the heavy chested girl, didn't feel that it was heavy at all. Instead, he said, "She is actually quite light." Today, he will depart for Hengdian to film "Strange Tales Of Liao Zhai 3". What's coincidental is that his ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang has also acted in a chapter of "Strange Tales Of Liao Zhai 1".

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Ninomiya's Nodame Cantabile Manga to End on October 10

This year's 19th issue of Kodansha's Kiss magazine has announced on Friday that Tomoko Ninomiya's Nodame Cantabile manga will end in the next issue on October 10. The story centers around two music prodigies who find themselves on parallel paths in Japan and later Europe.

The first of two live-action Nodame Cantabile Saishū Gakushō (Nodame Cantabile: The Final Movement) movies based on the manga will open on December 19, and the second film will open next spring. The third anime series will premiere in Japan next January.

30 million copies of the original manga's 22 compiled book volumes have been published so far. Ninomiya had confirmed on her personal blog on June 21 that she would resume her Nodame Cantabile romantic comedy manga in Kodansha's biweekly Kiss magazine on July 25, after putting the manga on hold in June due to acute appendicitis. She added on July 7 that she planned to draw new manga installments in the next three issues. She had previously written that she will end the manga soon.

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Shin Hyeon-joon beats up his agent?

Actor Shin Hyeon-joon has been arrested for harrassing his agent!

Shin is currently being sued for the violence commited to his agent.

More interrogation and specifics about this is being proceeded by the Seoul police.

Not much information is being told so we must wait and see what the real story is. It is known that the agent who sued Shin has turned off his phone and is rejecting all contacts.

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Relationship rumours about Joe Chen circulate; Ming Dao: 'Isn't the male lead Blue Lan?'

Ming Dao has been filming in Mainland China for some time, unaware that good friend Joe Chen had broken up with her foreigner boyfriend. Yesterday he returned to Taiwan to promote his new drama "Happy & Love Forever" 幸福一定強 and when he heard that Joe Chen's new relationship rumours were with Roy Chiu, he had an expression of shock, "Isn't she filming with Blue Lan though? This change is too fast!"

Ming Dao has achieved a lot in China; his earnings have already risen to $90,000 RMB per episode (almost $40,000 TWD). Although he earns the most among the cast members, he has been paired with newcomers in his several dramas and almost every scene relies on his "teaching". When he was filming "Happy & Love Forever", it was previously reported that he claimed teaching newcomers was very tiring, asking producer Luo Fa Ping, "Next drama, look for a #1 (experienced) girl and I'll be willing to act for a lower price."

He is most satisfied with his collaboration with Joe Chen but having not returned to Taiwan for a long time, he wasn't even aware that Joe Chen had broken up with her boyfriend. Yesterday as soon as he heard about the recent situation of the relationship, he looked very surprised, "No way! They were together for so long!" He expressed that travelling all around China, he just didn't have the time to contact his good friend. Then hearing about Joe Chen and Roy Chiu being ambiguous towards each other, he almost didn't drop his jaw, "Isn't the drama's male lead Blue Lan?"

Currently Ming Dao is everywhere in China, as long as his name is on it, even before the drama starts filming, its copyright can be sold. Like "Happy & Love Forever" had a broadcasting channel before a production crew was found and filming could begin, working backwards. Yesterday Ming Dao revealed that it is scheduled to broadcast in April next year. The drama's spokesperson Chen Yan Ping revealed that originally when Ming Dao was cast for "Happy & Love Forever", there were concerns of people's popularity, that relationship rumours would circulate but in the end, no such thing happened. Ming Dao is never late and never leaves early, he's even willing to teach the newcomers how to act.

Ming Dao also said, "Who said I would try to pick up the female lead in every drama, the rumours aren't true, I haven't done that to Annie Chen!" This made Director Yang Guan Yu argue back, "That's because Annie is too young so you can't." The director praised Ming Dao's acting, "Previously I always thought he couldn't act. I apologise to him for them, his acting really surprised me."

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Lee, Han Picked as Rising Ad Models

Singer-actor Lee Seung-gi and actress Han Hyo-joo have been picked as rising ad models for the second half of this year for their starring roles in the SBS-TV drama ``Brilliant Legacy,'' which ended its run at a viewing rate of 47.1 percent in July.

A survey of 1,625 people aged 16 or over living in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province showed that Lee and Han posted sharp rises in ranking, compared with the first-half survey. Brand38, a local brand consulting company, conducted the surveys.

Lee saw his ranking soar from 23rd in the first half to fourth. Han, who had not been ranked in the first half, came in at 17th.

In the latest survey, comedian Yoo Jae-suk and figure skater Kim Yu-na ranked first and second, respectively. In the first half, Kim and Yoo were first and second.

Girls' Generation, one of South Korea's leading pop idol groups, and boy band 2PM took third and seventh places, respectively, emerging from low rankings.

In contrast, traditionally high-placed actors such as Jang Dong-gun and Jeon Ji-hyun suffered sharp falls in their rankings.

Source: Korea Times

Actress Choi Ji-woo to receive President's honor

Korean Wave star Choi Ji-woo will receive the presidential commendation for promoting Korea's tourism, according to her agency on Thursday.

The actress will be awarded for her contribution in tourism at the 36th Tourism Day Celebration Ceremony on September 29, C, JW Company announced in a press release.

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), the host for the event, selected Choi as the winner due to her contribution through KBS TV drama "Winter Sonata". The drama, a massive hit in Korea and also throughout Asia, has been bringing fans of the show into the country since its airing in 2002.

"Hallyu dramas are more than just cultural content - they bring about positive economic effects by bringing in money from overseas and increasing tourism," the Hallyu star was quoted as saying. "I hope many good dramas will continue to be produced."

Earlier this month, Choi was admitted into the Star Hall of Fame at the Seoul Drama Awards 2009.

The 34-year-old actress is scheduled to leave for Tokyo on Sunday to attend the premiere party for the animation version of "Winter Sonata". The event, to be held at the Tokyo Dome, will also be attended by her co-star Bae Yong-joon who provided voice-overs for the animation alongside Choi.

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Scissors-paper-rock with 小栗/Oguri

小栗旬/Oguri Shun appeared for the release event of his new movie『TAJOMARU』. The movie is about Tajomaru, who is a famous thief through generations. Associated with that, Scissors-paper-rock game was held with male audiences only. The winner was given 浪切の剣/Namikiri no ken(ken=sword) which was actually used in the movie with Tajomaru's name on. The winner of all was a guy who came with his wife living in Tokyo. He said he came because his wife asked, and got a chance to participate for the photo session with /Oguri and others. By the way, /Oguri who probably was into his character Tajomaru who never tried to abandon women, said to the winner, "be happy with your wife and make her happy" with smiling.

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'CSI's' Jorja Fox returns

Sara Sidle is back from Costa Rica and on the case at "CSI."

Actress Jorja Fox will appear in five episodes, including the season premiere, in the CBS forensic series' 10th season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

When last we saw the tenacious CSI, she was in Costa Rica, reunited with and kissing her fellow forensic honey, Gil Grissom (William Petersen).

Despite the characters' romantic relationship, however, there are no immediate plans for Petersen to return for episodes this season.

Fox was a regular cast member for eight seasons before her character Sara Sidle got job burnout and left. She appeared in various episodes in Season Nine.

The 10th season of "CSI" premieres on Sept. 24.

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Note: I am so excited with this news. I stopped watching CSI when they axed her and now I will start watching this TV series again. Welcome Back Sara Sidle. Will Grissom also come back?

Kim HyunJoong participated in 'Family Outing', showing his excellent skills

Korea popular group SS501's Kim HyunJoong participated in SBS variety show 'Family Outing' showing his excellent skills. This episode received wide attention due to the appearance of Kim HyunJoong who was diagnose with AH1N1 in Japan early this month.

In the program, there was a special dating moment for Kim HyunJoong and Lee Hyori picking vegetable together. On their way, while chatting with Lee Hyori and found out that he stepped on faeces, Kim HyunJoong said: "Last time when noona and I were in the same management company, there was once we had to take the same car with Fin.K.L, when going up the car, I also accidentally stepped on faeces."

Lee Hyori said: "Is it? No wonder, during that time there was definitely some unpleasant smell." Follow by that, Kim HyunJoong said: "Once I met noona, I will step on faeces." When he noticed that she was not very happy about that, he added: "Stepping on faeces will bring good luck!" showing his wits in reacting to situation.

On the other hand, absent due to his accident, BigBang member DaeSung, during his telephone conversation with Kim HyunJoong said: "I originally wanted to have a competition with Kim HyunJoong based on our looks." His words had caused all family members to convulse with laughters.

SBS will broadcast the continuation of Kim HyunJoong in 'Family Outing' on 27 Sept 2009.

Credit: http://china.ibtimes.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Recovering from H1N1...Voice Condition Check at Studio

SS501 Kim HyunJoong speedy recovery from H1N1 influenza and will be stretching into activities.

Kim HyunJoong went to a studio located in Gangnam Seoul on 19th to check his condition i.e voice, etc. Kim HyunJoong is warming up for the making of their new album planned to be released end of this month. Kim HyunJoong also went into discussions with the other SS501 members on this day regarding the activities planning, etc.

His company said “Kim HyunJoong is not back to the perfect condition yet, so he will not be doing any recordings. This is purely a condition check for him. Kim HyunJoong met with the members whom he haven’t seen in a while after he returned to Korea, they talked about what happened recently and showed a much healthier look of himself.”

Kim HyunJoong was diagnosed with H1N1 influenza on 8th and received medical treatment in Japan until he recovered and returned back to Korea on 16th where he is currently recuperating at home.

Credits : lalala@sportshankook.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Sarah Michelle Prinze and Freddie Prinze Jr. Have a Girl!

Sarah Michelle Prinze and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. are parents, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

The couple "welcomed their daughter Charlotte Grace Prinze on Saturday, Sept. 19," says a rep for the actress. "The family is over the moon."

This is the first child for the couple, who revealed that they were expecting back in April.

Freddie Prinze Jr. will star on the upcoming season of 24. Sarah Michelle recently changed her last name from Gellar to Prinze.

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Kim Getting Better From Influenza A

South Korean pop idol and actor Kim Hyun-jung is recovering from his contraction of influenza A (H1N1) in Tokyo, his manager said Wednesday.

Kim was quoted as saying, ``I am sorry to have surprised fans. I will make efforts to get better and meet with fans soon."

Kim, a member of boy band SS501, was confirmed to have been infected with the contagious disease Tuesday and is now hospitalized in Tokyo.

Kim's manager said, ``His fever fell overnight and his sore throat eased a lot. He sounded OK this morning.''

Kim was the first Korean celebrity to be diagnosed with the disease, which has already affected more than 6,000 people in South Korea.

Kim is reportedly nervous about being absent from the Seoul Drama Awards, which will be held in Seoul Friday. He is projected to win the Asian best actor award.

According to Japanese showbiz insiders, Kim visited a hospital in Japan Tuesday after suffering from a high fever.

He was given the antiviral drug Tamiflu and placed in an isolation ward, where he may stay for 15 days.

Kim gained international fame after starring in the KBS smash hit ``Boys Over Flowers'' as a handsome tycoon heir earlier this year. He went to Japan to promote the drama and was supposed to be there from Saturday through Monday.

Source: Korea Times