No chance for 'Game On' glasses! Inoue Mao more in work mode than love mode?

The awards ceremony for the 22nd Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awards was held at Tokyo's Big Sight on 27th October. Actress Inoue Mao, actor Karasawa Toshiaki and Suzanne were among the 6 who were up on stage to receive the award.

Inoue who won in the Showbiz Field wore a black one-piece dress she chose together with the stylist to match her glasses. During her childhood, she used glasses regularly for about 10 years. "Putting on glasses feels like going back to my former self. Showing myself with glasses on in front of so many people is embarrassing."

The reporters asked if she liked men in glasses. "When someone who does not usually wear glasses puts them on, it makes my heart flutter," she replied. "When I go on a date, I choose fashionable glasses," she said, revealing the existence of her 'Game On' glasses. "Lately, I haven't had the chance to use those glasses though,"she added, a little disappointment in the romance department perhaps. Inoue, who has a starring role in a recently-opened movie, is looking increasingly radiant these days. It seems that rather than love, she will continue in work mode for a while.

On the other hand, Karasawa Toshiaki who won in the Sunglasses Field said of his unexpected win,"I don't see myself having the image of having sunglasses on but I think it's because I had them on all the time in the movie '20th Century Boys'."

Every year, well-known people from various fields who look good in glasses are chosen and given awards in different categories. The other prize-winners this year are Nagatsuma Akira in the Political Field, Yanai Tadashi in the Economic Field, Ishizaka Koji in the Cultural Field and Suzanne for the Special Prize.


Celebrity Sightings: Volume 216

★ Matsumoto Jun & Inoue Mao @ Ikebukuro
I saw Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao-chan! They looked like they were on very good terms and enjoying themselves. Female,34

★ Yamamoto Yusuke @ Roppongi
He was walking with an older woman. Yusuke-kun looked tipsy and the woman was mad at him. He's a blond now! Female,23

★ Mizobata Junpei @ Koichi
I saw Mizobata Junpei-kun filming for a movie. During break time, he was still giving handshakes, he's so kind. During filming, his attitude was serious. He gave a good impression. Female,16

★ Mizushima Hiro & Oguri Shun @ Fuji City, Shizuoka
Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun came to my hometown to film for the new Monday at 9 drama. They came to a local soba shop. Female,26

★ Aiba Masaki @ Roppongi
I met Aiba-kun at Roponggi. I told him,"I went to the National Concert in the rain." He looked apologetic and said,"Thank you very much." Such a nice guy! Female,47

★ Aoi Yu @ cafe in Aoyama
I saw Aoi Yu at a cafe in Aoyama. She's really like an angel. She was eating a huge parfait by herself. Female,26

★ Ichihara Hayato & others @ Hanno Ginza street
I saw Ichihara Hayato-kun filming Saru Lock in my hometown. He's so cool~ Female,34

★ Nakajima Yuto & Ohgo Suzuka @ Harajuku
I saw Nakajima Yuto-kun and Ohgo Suzuka-chan enjoying themselves shopping! Yuto is so tall and his face is so small!! Female,14

★ Kikuchi Fuma @ Shinjuku Station
I saw Kikuchi Fuma from B.I Shadow walking at Shinjuku Station with a friend. He had a beige cardigan on. His back is unexpectedly broad but his face is really small. Female,15

★ Kimura Kaela @ Komazawa Park
I saw her jogging at Komazawa Park with her manager(!?). They looked like they were enjoying running. Female,12

★ Crystal Kay @ Kyoto Station
Crystal Kay-san was at Kyoto Station talking on the phone. No one else noticed her. Female,18

★ Domoto Koichi @ Suzuka Circuit
I saw Domoto Koichi-kun at the F1 Grand Prix in Suzuka Circuit. He was politely greeting the officials. Female,31

★ Nakama Junta @ Mint Kobe
I saw Nakama Junta-kun at Mint Kobe today. He was with a girl but they took different lines midway. Female,26

★ Nakayama Yuma & Uchi Hiroki @ Kyocera Dome
They were sitting at the specially reserved seats on the last day of Arashi's Osaka concert. They looked embarrassed when the MC introduced them. Female,24

★ Nishikido Ryo @ America Mura in Osaka
I saw Nishikido Ryo-san around Amemura in Osaka! He's surprisingly small. When I went to talk to him and it turned out to really be him, I was surprised! Female,14

★ Yabu Kouta & Inoo Kei @ LaQua
I dropped by LaQua and met JUMP's Inoo-kun and Yabu-kun. We shook hands. Both have such small faces and are so tall they stand out. Female,29

★ Okamoto Keito @ Hanzomon Kudanshita Station
He was in uniform and sleeping! Beside him was a friend☆. Female,14

★ Karube Shin-ichi @ Ikebukuro
My friend saw Karube Shinichi-san at Ikebukuro. She said he looked just like a normal old man, unlike on TV... Female,15

★ Sakura & Inoue Waka @ yakiniku shop in Sasazuka
Sakura-san and Inoue Waka-san came to eat at a yakuniku shop at Sasazuka!! Both of them looked so good!! They seemed to be good friends. Female,25

★ Yokoyama Yu @ Umeda Osaka
I saw Yokoyama-kun! He was with a tall girl who gives off the feeling of an 'Asian Beauty'. Female,26

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Josh Hartnett overshadowed by Japanese actor Kimura

BUSAN, South Korea : Josh Hartnett isn't having things all his own way at Asia's largest film festival. Every time the Hollywood star appears in public, the loudest screams are being directed at his co-star.

Hartnett is here at the 14th Pusan International Film Festival to promote his latest film, the thriller "I Come with the Rain", alongside fellow cast members Lee Byung-hun, of South Korea, and Japan's Takuya Kimura.

And Saturday during an appearance before 5,000 fans who had camped out all day at the city's famous Haeundae beach the fans cheered when Hartnett appeared. But they went ballistic as soon as they saw Kimura.

It was the same at a press conference for the film Friday and on the red carpet during Thursday night's opening ceremony.

"It's okay," said Hartnett. "He's a good-looking guy. And I know the ladies love him."

Kimura, a member of boyband SMAP, has become an idol throughout Asia thanks to his roles in Japanese television series including the wildly successful "Hero" where he played a cop who bends the rules.

In recent years he has worked alongside art-house movie directors Wong Kar-wai, for "2046", and Yoji Yamada on "Love and Honor".

For his part, Kimura said acting alongside Hartnett had been an "honour" and that he had been surprised to find the American just a "very good guy."

Haeundae is often described as the world's most crowded beach during the summer months, when it attracts up to 100,000 people along its narrow 1.5 kilometre (one mile) stretch.

And it looked a little like that Saturday, with thousands crowding the sand and sitting in the autumn sunshine waiting for a chance to see the stars -- and even have their questions answered during an "open talk" session.

Hartnett was again gracious when his first questioner ask how he rated local actors compared to those he worked with in Hollywood.

"It's always a pleasure to work with great actors and it is very difficult to compare Hollywood actors with Asian actors," he said.

"All I can say is that they are extremely dedicated to their craft."

"I Come with the Rain" is an atmospheric thriller from the celebrated Paris-raised Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung, who won the Camera d'Or at the 1993 Cannes festival for "The Scent of Green Papaya" and the Golden Lion in Venice for "Cyclo" in 1995.

Hartnett said shooting the film had been a unique experience as it had taken him to the Philippines and Hong Kong, and had mixed the styles of all the international filmmakers involved.

"The reception from the fans has been great and it is nice to see so many people support a poetic film like this," he said. "These types of films don't get released in Hollywood too often these days and that's a shame."

For his part, director Tran had earlier said shooting the film was a "nightmare" due to the locations he had chosen but he was proud of the end product and in particular of his three leading men.

"When I am casting a role the most important thing is the humanity that comes with the actor and I think you can see that with these three guys," he said.

Source : Channel News Asia

Nodame Cantabile Side Story Manga to Launch in Japan

This year's 20th issue of Kodansha's biweekly Kiss magazine has announced on Saturday that a side story manga series based on Tomoko Ninomiya's Nodame Cantabile manga will launch in the 24th issue. The regular Nodame Cantabile manga series just ended in the same 20th issue on Saturday. The story centers on two music prodigies who find themselves on parallel paths in Japan and later Europe.

The first of two live action Nodame Cantabile Saishū Gakushō (Nodame Cantabile: The Final Movement) films will open in Japan on December 19, and the final television anime series will premiere in January.

Tsunami Umino (Kohkyu, tsunamix) and Yumiko Suzuki will launch their new manga Shokōjo and Fumetsu no Akko-chan, respectively, in the 21st issue of Kiss on October 24.

Source: Anime News Network