Scissors-paper-rock with 小栗/Oguri

小栗旬/Oguri Shun appeared for the release event of his new movie『TAJOMARU』. The movie is about Tajomaru, who is a famous thief through generations. Associated with that, Scissors-paper-rock game was held with male audiences only. The winner was given 浪切の剣/Namikiri no ken(ken=sword) which was actually used in the movie with Tajomaru's name on. The winner of all was a guy who came with his wife living in Tokyo. He said he came because his wife asked, and got a chance to participate for the photo session with /Oguri and others. By the way, /Oguri who probably was into his character Tajomaru who never tried to abandon women, said to the winner, "be happy with your wife and make her happy" with smiling.

Souce: music japan plus

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