Bae Yong-jun's Public Appearance Draws Fans

Actor Bae Yong-jun has made a public appearance for the first time in a long while, drawing some 500 Japanese fans. He attended the wedding of his 10-year manager and BOF executive on August 21 at the Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul.

Wearing a black suit and black-framed glasses, Bae appeared with his hair tied neatly. He waved his hand to his Japanese fans, who had waited for him for hours. Looking slimmer than before, Bae said he had lost 10 kg and that his clothes didn't fit him. He also asked jokingly if he looked old.

Bae has been touring the nation since last year to write a book that introduces Korea to his overseas fans. "I lost weight because I have to take care of many things while writing a book. It was hard," said Bae. The actor's book, which is tentatively titled "The Beauty of Korea," will be published next month in Korea and Japan.

Bae's Japanese fans kept taking photos of him when he showed up at the hotel. Apart from Bae, they also showed great interest in the groom, Yang Keun-hwan, as well as other celebrities such as Lee Na-young, Lee Ji-ah, 2AM and Ryu Seung-soo, who also attended the wedding. Yang Keun-hwan is very popular in Japan as Bae's manager and he even has the Japanese nickname "Yangsama"

Source: KBS Global

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