Nakama Yukie and instant ramen

Nakama Yukie (29) and TOKIO’s Kokubun Taichi (34) appeared as guests at the announcement of Nissin Foods’ "Teaching what’s Delicious at the Kindergarten Caravan". Nissin Foods is the creator of the first instant ramen in the world, the "Chicken Ramen" that celebrates its 51 anniversary this year. Nakama and Kokubun also got the chance to make their own Chicken Ramen on stage and Nakama was clearly impressed with the little gadget they had as help to make the perfect noodles.

Kokubun isn’t a new name when it comes to Chicken Ramen, after all he’s been starring in their commercials for over 7 years now. "For Chicken Ramen you need about 120 noodles and they should be 50cm long. I looked that up on Yahoo!" Kokubun joked on stage and expressed his love for the Chicken Ramen. Nakama also talked a bit about the filming of the commercial. "It was really touching when we got to wear the New Year’s kimono for the commercial."

While making the noodles for the actual ramen, both of them really had a lot of fun experimenting with that little noodle gadget that made their eyes shine like that of little children. Afterwards they also did the eggs and added the boiling hot water to finish their very own chicken ramen. "I clearly remember how delicious it was when I ate it during my childhood. I always wanted to make a fun experience with creating the noodles for the ramen." She commented on stage.

The caravan with the literal goal of an "education about having a good diet is going to visit pre-schoolers until March next year and will show them how to make chicken ramen, will do some chicken ramen exercises with them and let them try out their ramen, of course.

Source: kawaiijoyuu

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