Jang Geun Seok to Play in KBS Drama 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'

Actor Jang Geun Seok has been cast as the male protagonist named Moo Gyeol in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night," his agency announced on September 10.

The drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night," which will be a follow-up drama to "Sungkyubkwan Scandal" beginning from November, is based on the original web cartoon with the same title written and drawn by the cartoonist Won Soo Yeon, and the script for the drama will be written by the writer Lee Eun Ah, who had written the script of "Princess Hours” and “Love and Marriage.”

The drama will portray how young people living today think about marriage, love, and dreams by presenting simulated marriages. The character Moo Gyeol, whom Jang Geun Seok will play, is a member of an independent music band living a free life.

By appearing in this drama, Jang Geun Seok will play the role of musician again following his previous roles in the movie "Happy Life” and the dramas "Beethoven Virus” and “You're Beautiful.”

Jang said, "I felt pressured about appearing in a drama about music again, but I was strongly fascinated by the interesting script. In particular, the character Moo Gyeol, who lives a Bohemian life, was really attractive."

Source: KBS Global

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