Playful Kiss Episode 11 Long Preview (8 Minutes) with Translation

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English Trans: bb @lovekimhyunjoong www.lovekimhyunjoong.com


Ha Ni: (thinking) Can't go on like this, this will only confirm the fact that Seung Jo doesn't have any feelings towards me. But if I do on this way, it'll only seem to be making use of sunbae, it's heartbreaking, gotta bring things to a stop.

Sunbae: What are you up to?

Ha Ni: Ah, sunbae.

Sunbae: What are you thinking about standing here... Are you looking at something? Ah, so you're looking at Seung Jo!

Ha Ni: Sunbae, I...

Sunbae: Oh Ha Ni, forget about Seung Jo from now!

Ha Ni: Sunbae, I wish to say...

Sunbae: Shhh.... Come over here, Ha Ni-arh...

Ha Ni: Sunbae, no...

Jung Gu: You punk! What are you doing to wuri Ha Ni now?!

Ha Ni: Jung Gu, stop it, stop it right now!

Jung Gu : (Dialect's hard to understand!)

Sunbae: From a certain perspective, aren't you the senior?

Jung Gu: What are you saying?

Sunbae: Ok, Bong Jung Gu, how about you give up from now on if you can't beat me?

Ha Ni: Stop fighting!

Seung Jo: What are you guys doing?! What are you doing in the library? You're not fighting over Oh Ha Ni, are you?

Jung Gu: Baek Seung Jo, this has nothing to do with you. You, stay out and get out!

Seung Jo: But, it doesn't matter if I want to interfere into your fight. But seems like Ha Ni likes only me, so are you still going to fight?

Ha Ni: Seung Jo-arh...

Seung Jo: Didn't (my) mom say to let us go home for dinner together? Come, let's go!


Ha Ni: Change of seasons (CH trans: unsure) Just not too long ago, Seung Jo disappeared suddenly, don't see him at the tennis courts too, and he's quit from the family restaurant too. Where's Seung Jo gone to? How long is he going to hide?

Seung Jo: Shoot soon, cheese! The surrounds are not bad here, and we'll also prepare the BBQ for everyone.

Guests: Thank you.

Seung Jo: Enjoy yourselves.

Eun Jo: Hyung!

Ha Ni: Here I am! I still managed to find out about Seung Jo's new workplace!

Seung Jo: Eun Jo, it's just you? Where's Dad and Mom?

Eun Jo: Dad says he can't take a break coz of work, and Mom says she can't leave Dad to be on his own.

Ha Ni: Your mom says it's a pity (they can't come)

Seung Jo: I can see through all that!

Kyung Soo: Ha Ni-arh, Ha Ni's here! (To others) Do call me if you've any other needs, else please take a rest first! (To Ha Ni) Why are you so late? Wah, Eun-Jo's here too!

Seung Jo: You're, after all, the sunbae; what, are you managing a TV station? You didn't tell others too, did you?

Hae Ra: Seung Jo-arh, how have you been? It's been a long time, are you alright? We're staying right over there, and wanna invite you over to hang out. Would you come? You'll come, won't you? Eun Jo-arh, hello!

Ha Ni: Kyung Soo sunbae, what's with you?! Why did you let her come!

Sunbae: Come over, I've come something to tell you! Ha Ni-ah, I want to work hard this round!

Ha Ni: Can it work?

Sunbae: That's why I need your help. Your help will go a long way to help me attain that decisive win! We have to help and support each other, you and I can only survive if we look out for each other! Sorry! But you have to keep hanging around Seung Jo to prevent him from getting near Hae Ra!

Ha Ni: Sunbae, isn't a case of Hae Ra trying to go near Seung Jo? Seung Jo's not doing anything to Hae Ra?!

Sunbae: It's more important to become couples. I will say come play COUPLE GAME, and then we'll just pair up to become couples. Seung Jo with you, Hae Ra with me!

Ha Ni: Ay, it's not gonna be so easy!

Sunbae: Please don't worry, I've already set out the war plan and everything's ready! Come, give me your hand! Let's go forward for our own love. Fighting! Aja!

Ha Ni: Am still unsettled and uneasy...!

Sunbae: Hello, young men and young women! We've come here to create memories of youth, but surely memories are not created by just looking at scenery, right? Let's start COUPLE GAME!

Ha Ni: Wah!

Eun Jo: Pabo! (Idiot!)

Sunbae: Here are the rules of the game. Look at this map, from #1 to #7, all the spots have been marked on the map. The first couple to find all the spots wins. Here, this is the mark! Alrighty, let's start looking for the marks!

Ha Ni: Wah!! ~~~

Sunbae: Is everyone clear? In order to pair everyone up in a fair manner, let's use this to decide!

Hae Ra: Why's Seung Jo not here! Eun Jo-arh, didn't you see Seung Jo?

Sunbae: So let us now use this to decide. Hae Ra, what number do you want?

Hae Ra: Three!

Sunbae: Then I'm 8!

Ha Ni: Did you hear that? That couldn't have been wolves' cries, ya?

Eun Jo: If it's wolves, there ain't many places in our country with wolves.

Ha Ni: Then what about bears?

Jung Gu: Seems to have heard Ha Ni's voice!

Eun Jo: Where's this place?

Ha Ni: You alright? Be careful ya!

Eun Jo: Noona, are you OK?

Ha Ni: I'm OK, Eun Jo!

Eun Jo: Pabo! (Idiot!)

Ha Ni: But my hat's missing, that's my favorite!

Eun Jo: It's over there, I'm coming down!

Ha Ni: Eun Jo, be careful!

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