Playful Kiss Episode 13 45s preview with translation

Here's Playful Kiss Episode 13 preview with rough translation.

hn: i heard you went on a sun(match-made meeting/date)

hr: its suprising huh? but even so, let's give it a try (start something)

hn: sj.. he might be getting married

hn (voice) : said it's good.. what sj said ( not sure what context this scene is)

the guy that likes hn : hani, youre number one in my life. if you turn around, im always there. let's get married

hn's friend ( so that sj can over hear) " was it today she said she was going to answer? (hn answer the guy that likes her)

rain scene
sj : do you like Bong Jong Gu
hn: im exhausted of one-sided love too. i want to see someone who likes me back.
sj : You like Me

Credit: translation by lemonsorbet of PK Thread in soompi
           video by azi

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