Playful Kiss Episode 13 long preview with translation

HN: You just came home late
SJ: oh. Can't I?
HN: have you went to the match making?
SJ: oh.
HN: How did it went?
SJ: it is okay
HN: Hae Ra.....
SJ Oh. (not complete)
HN: you're going to get married?
SJ: marriage?... might be.. isn't marriage the result of dating

(HN and JG)
HN: wah! this really taste good
JG: really?
HN: are you the one who cook it?..
JG: of course.. I did everything (not elaborate cooking process)
HN: how did it be so good... You did great BJG...
JG: this is the first time I cook that. I wanted you to taste it first
(not understand the rest)
HN: Thank you. (phrases to BJG) and this food is really great. BJG you are good.
JG: really? (flattered) In exchange, should we go on a date? (murmuring) ah.. I shouldn't have said it..
HN: Oh, let's have it.
JG: huh?
HN: Have the date..
JG: Really? (HN nods) Is this for real? (HN nods and smile) Yeah!!! HN! will go on a date!

(SJ and HR's date)
HR: this is really pretty!
SJ: right.
HR: this is boring, right? (not sure) ....I don't want to understand HR's part.. hahah
(this seems like SJ is letting HR to plan for everything and to have her way..) they also thought about the new game SJ is making for the company

(JG and HN's date)
HN: it's pretty.
JG: HN, what's in there?
HN: it's a cafe, I think..
JG: So, we should drink coffee, and enjoy the scenery..(not sure)
HN: ok..
JG: really? let's go.
JG: HN, this is really my first time in here.
SJ saw them.. OMO!!! what a reaction... (KJH really did a great job in acting here)
HN saw HR and SJ also.
JG: oh! BSJ
SJ: having a date?
JG: is it obvious.
HR: saying something about the place..
Let's go together.. (suggesting to the other pair to go with her and SJ)
JG seems didn't understand the place HR suggests
SJ: Why are you asking them? They didn't know what your saying. They fit together.
JG: why are you making fun/looking down on us?
HN: you're right. You match well. Let's go JG.
SJ: OHN, you're doing/looking great with him.
JG: yes. you said it right. You really have good sight on things..
HN: let's go.

HN: (thinking about JG said)
JG: let's get married.
JG: (he's saying that he only keeps on looking at HN while HN looks at SJ). But still, I'm ready to wait for you/keep on waiting for you. But BSJ has another with him. It's time for you to stop.(not so clear... his dialect..)
HN: JG..
JG: Let's get married, HN. (end of HN's thoughts)

(at home)
SJ: why are you there?..
mom: what time is it?
mom: what did you do? you're always late. You still keep on dating? What are you thinking? What are you doing? You don't need to do that. Your father is fine.
SJ: I'm not doing this for father's sake.
Mom: liar. You're doing this because you're sorry towards your father.
SJ: did I? You still don't know your son?
mom: so what's the reason you dating her?
SJ: are you really curious? Because I like it.
mom: what? (HN's reaction..) nonsense...
SJ: so you're satisfied now.
mom: you, bsj!
(HN running but she had a minor accident)
HN: welcome home. you're late.
SJ: you're fast (going home from date)
HN: I like it. It's fun and the first time I've experienced it..(not sure)
SJ: (saying something that it's nice hearing those from HN)

Credit: Rochiii09 of soompi for the video
           otchosais of soompi for the translation

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