Playful Kiss Episode 13's rain scene and Episode 14 preview with translation

Here's the rain scene of Playful Kiss Episode 13 and Episode 14 preview with translation. UPDATED with high quality video and translation

Brief translation of conversation between Kim Hyun Joong and Oh Ha Ni in the rain scene.

SJ: "Do you like Bong JoonGu?"

HaNi: "Of course I like him. He's only liked me for the last four years."

SJ: "If someone likes you are you going to like them also?"

HaNi: "Yes, I'm sick of this one sided love. I want to date someone who likes me. I like JoonGu."

SJ: "You like me. You can't like anyone else but me."

HaNi: "What are you talking about?"

SJ: "It isn't true?"

HaNi: "You're right! I only like you! But what's the point in liking you when you won't even glance at me..."

SJ: "Don't say anything like that again..." "Don't tell any other man that you like them but me."

HaNi: "This is the second..."

SJ: "What is?"

HaNi: "Kiss."

SJ: "Third. But that's not important anymore..."

Written Preview for Episode 14:

Finally, Seung Jo and Ha Ni confirm their mutual feelings for each other. Seung Jo tells the parental units that he and Ha Ni will get married after they graduate from college. The entire house is filled with happiness and warmth. Ha Ni feels like she is living a dream.

Seung Jo and Ha Ni separately go and resolve matters with Hye Ra and Joon Gu, respectively. When Ha Ni sees Joon Gu, she feels like she has wronged him so much. She doesn’t know what to say to him. Seung Jo shows up in front of them.

Seung Jo introduces a new game for the company. Ha Ni checks her grades and is in for quite a surprise….

Credits: translation of conversation in the rain scene done by LolliDoAlittle of PK Thread in soompi
written preview from Korean to Chinese @ baidu Playful Kiss bar, translation from Chinese to English done by ockoala, shared by crazywild of PK Thread in soompi
video by 78hee

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