Playful Kiss Episode 11

Here's my take/summary for Episode 11. Please bear with me because I don't understand Korean and watched it in raw version.

-breakfast scene and SJ cooked.
-she picked the shirt she wants him to wear and he rejected it. I loved it when she turned her back at him, he smiled.
-baek omma posted something on the bulletin so the whole school knows that they slept together
-when omma asked about the chocolate, Hani just realized that she haven't given the choco to BSJ.
-Bong Jong Gu went to Lady Gaga and told her that BSJ & OHN spent the night together
-I want to know what Haera said to BSJ when their classmates are staring at them
-I love SJ expression when he picked the note Hani put on the chocolate box but I loved more his expression after tasting the choco
-I pity BJG especially when he is talking/confessing to OHN and OHN feel aslept
-here comes Hani's new suitor, the tennis sunbae. All I can say is he is hot!!! He is asking Hani for a date (eventhough he knows that HN likes SJ). I want to know why are the tennis club members laughing when tennis sunbae (40's) is telling something about the new tennis sunbae (suitor)
-OHN friends told BSJ that she have a new suitor. He was a little surprised but he showed that he is indifferent.
-I liked the tennis sunbae suitor moves (when he went where HN was sitting)
-Baek mom is stalking and gathering information about the tennis sunbae/suitor. He treats him as BSJ rival. In Baek mom's analysis, it looks like tennis sunbae/suitor is winning that is why she was sad for a minute but OHN told her that she doesn't need to worry because she likes BSJ. And then Baek mom thought of having SJ getting jealous because of the rival.
-I didn't liked how Haera pushed HN by using her butt when Hani was sitting.
-serves you right BSJ when tennis sunbae/suitor appeared at the restaurant. He thought that maybe OHN is just stalking him.
-when SJ gave their drinks, he took a long time to serve them. Are you jealous SJ? kekeke
-Waaahhh!!! He is sweett!!! The tennis sunbae/suitor I mean. How I wish OHN is 3 person. One for BSJ, one for BJG and one for tennis sunbae/suitor
-Tennis sunbae/suitor caught OHN secretly peeking at BSJ. When tennis sunbae/suitor tried to kiss her, BJG came to the rescue. And the 2 guys fought. And then here comes BSJ. He asked them what the commotion is all about. Maybe they are fighting for OHN. They should know that OHN likes him.
-Baek appa looks sick. Baek appa and SJ talked about the company.
-OHN is happy that she knows the new part-time job of OHN. OHN's mickey mouse hair is back. Kekeke...
-I was laughing like crazy when tennis sunbae (40s) tricked Haera when he throwed something and Haera jumped at him. He was like anticipating that and have arms wide open. Why was Haera hiking in heels?
-OHN tripped and she lost her bonnet. BJG followed OHN and he found her bonnet. And he fell and lost it again.
-Tennis sunbae and Haera finally found their way back and saw SJ. He asked where are EJ. They are surprised that EJ & Hani are still not there.
-EJ is so sweet...I am falling in love with him. He provided the basic necessities for him and Hani. He even held Hani's hand to warm her up. So cute!!!
-BSJ found Hani & EJ. As well as BJG.
-The following morning, Hani woke up early. She walked on the forest and she sit on the bench. She fall asleep and she thought she dreamt that SJ kissed her. But a few meters ahead, EJ is standing with props for catching fireflies and he was stunned. Maybe the kiss really did happen and he was surprised with what he saw.

The Episode 11 screencaps will follow.

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