Ariel Lin welcomes tall brave guys to come forward!

‘Golden Bell Queen’ Ariel Lin currently is a ‘jade flower’ with nobody pursing her. She lists the conditions, welcoming any tall brave guys, to come forward!

Ariel is about to release her new album ‘Meeting Happiness’. Yesterday, she held a singing fan meet, and good sister Stella Huang gave her a gold and pink cake, and 2 pairs of couple jandals, hoping that she will find her other half soon. Ariel laughed saying: “Cinderella’s Prince finds a glass slipper, my Prince is definitely going to be a Black Prince who finds a jandal!”

She revealed that currently, there is nobody pursing her, and she listed her requirements: “Has to be tall, be compassionate and be brave.” Halfway during the fan meet, there was a drunk person who began throwing bottles at everyone, and this scared both Ariel and her fans. But staff members immediately reported this to police and it was quickly dealt with.

Source: asianfanatics

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