Lee Minwoo: Michael Jackson’s death stings my heart

World-class pop star Michael Jackson has passed away on 25th June.

Amidst the outpouring of grief around the world, Korean dance singer Lee Minwoo, who has just released his new mini-album Minnovation, also expresses his regrets.

In an interview with Osen on 26th June, he said “The sadness is really indescribable, it’s like in 1995 when DEUX member Kim Sung Jae whom I really liked and respected, passed away. When Kim Sung Jae passed away, I was heartbroken, and I placed his album in front of me as I prayed.”

“When I heard about Michael Jackson’s passing this morning, I felt a sting in my heart. It’s like I have a big wound in my heart. Michael Jackson is my hero, and I’ve been working hard in order to achieve what he has achieved. Now that I’m a step closer to my goal, my hero has left the world, and I really feel very sad. Although he lived a spectacular life, there were many unfortunate things as well. I believe Michael Jackson’s energy will live on. I really regret not being able to watch Michael Jackson performing live anymore.”

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa + shinhwa.biz

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