Da S neglects Huang Xiao Ming, boat of love hits iceberg

Peter Ho's first self produced and self directed drama series "Summer of Bubbles" boasts of a strong cast, comprising Da S, Huang Xiao Ming, Coco Chiang and Patina Lin. Huang Xiao Ming was rumoured to have special feelings towards Da S. However, on the evening of June 14, we spotted the team filming and there was a lack of interaction between the two of them. Both of them were polite to each other and it appears that it'll take some time for them to develop a romance.

Making up for lack of chemistry through rehearsing

"Summer of Bubbles" has been facing obstacle after obstacle since it started filming. First, there was the change of male lead from Peter Ho to Huang Xiao Ming. then Huang Xiao Ming delayed his arrival in Taiwan for filming, causing the production team to be rather tensed. On 14th, Huang Xiao Ming and Da S were rehearsing their lines on a street. He was dressed lavishly while she was plainly clothed. It appeared that they were not very well rehearsed and occasionally needed the director to step in to instruct them aboout their positions. There was also a scene where an extra would rush in and Huang Xiao Ming was to pull Da S along with him as he ran. They had to rehearse this quite a few times to get this perfect.

Lack of interaction makes it difficult to produce sparks of love

After filming, both of them went to chat with their own acquaintances. Da S was at on side stretching her back and even placed both of hands behind her neck as she rested her eyes. On the other hand, Huang Xiao Ming was standing behind a lamp post talking to someone else. The personal interaction between them is rare and few in between. It seems that there is still a long way to go if they wanted to develop a romance.

The director of "Summer of Bubbles" said, "Why would you say that things between Da S and Huang Xiao Ming are not going good? Didn't Huang Xiao Ming invite Da S along when he gave a treat of roasted meat the last time?" He said that artistes always go about doing their own things after filming, so one cannot say that their interaction is little based on this. However, we understand that it was because Hei Ren was there during the treat that they called Da S along.

Source : Liberty Times
Translated by karened @ http://asianafanatics.net

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