Junjin confirms that he’s the reason why Shin Hyesung spent at least 10 million won on alcohol

Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung had previously mentioned that he has already spent a total of about some 10 million won (approx USD10,000) on drinking because of Junjin.

During the recording for the 16th June episode of MBC Every1’s “It’s The Age Of Flower Boys”, Junjin admitted that what Shin Hyesung said was the truth.

Junjin said, “I’ve never forced him to pay, but he always insists on paying,” before adding with some unhappiness, “Only Shin Hyesung puts me down in front of others.”

He also talked about how he had a zero balance in his bank account and some interesting experiences related to cars.

In addition, he talked about why he doesn’t have much to say on MBC variety show ‘Infinite Challenge’ when asked by MC Lee Ji Hoon. Junjin however, did prove his wit and speaking skills in verbal exchanges with the MCs.

He added, “I’ve learnt a great deal from the IC hyungs about politics, economics and culture”, arousing the MCs’ curiosity with such a surprising statement.

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