Xiao S Taking Advantage of Jerry Yan During KangXi Special in Shanghai

Celebrity host of “Kang Xi Lai Le,” Xiao S, has been known for taking “advantages” (cough cough) of popular male stars on the show. The so-to-speak victims include Mark Zhao, who has recently shot to fame due to his more-than-outstanding performance in TV Drama “Black & White.” While all that is part of Xiao S’ unique MC style, it has nonetheless brought complaints from netizens.

At the Kang Xi Special stage in Shanghai two nights ago, Xiao S repeated her usual behaviors as she got a little touchy feely towards guests such as Jerry Yan, Show Lo, and Stanley Huang… with her husband Mike Xu looking from the audience. Jerry Yan agreed to hold Xiao S and spin around as a present for her 31st birthday; contrary to his usually cool attitude, Jerry held on for ten circles before letting go.

The day after the Kang Xi Special turned out to be Xiao S’ 31st birthday. Therefore, during the previous night’s show, Cai Kang Yong kept using “giving Xiao S a birthday present” as an excuse to allow opportunities for Xiao S to enjoy the physical contact with several guests. Even though her husband was sitting in the audience, Xiao S did not shy away from enjoying the time with them. When Jerry stepped on stage, she requested that he hold her and spin around three times.

Jerry took off his jacket right away and started turning in frenzy, causing Xiao S to scream. After 5 or 6 circles, he still did not stop. This is when Xiao S yelled: “Put me down! Put me down! I am about to throw up!” After being spinned around for 10 circles, Xiao S finally escaped. As she stumbled around, still dizzy, she complained to Jerry.

Getting a little “physical” with male guests has apparently become one of her “to-kill” tactics. She said “This is for the mainland audience to see the original KangXi flavor. The sponsor company even told me to feel free to be myself on stage.”

With her husband enjoying Xiao S having “fun” on stage, Xiao S yelled to him, “Sorry, Hubby. I am just doing this to earn the money.” After the show, Xiao S revealed that “of course he knew beforehand and appreciates the style of my hosting.” After the show was over, Xiao S, accompanied by her husband, spent her 31st birthday in Shanghai. Thirty or more friends, including Pace Wu, Makiyo, celebrated with her at the popular nightclub, Muse (owned by Hong Kong star, Carina Lau). She was reportedly already tipsy when she left.

Translated by: aegeantales@ http://asianfanatics.net

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