Taiwan version 'Full House'; Wu Zun to pair up with Zhou Xun

2 countries’ film cross exchange takes place once again; Taiwan version ‘Full House’ will have Wu Zun pair up with mainland China’s first-line actress Zhou Xun, who hasn’t filmed a series in 6 years. Just by the male & female lead’s pay, they have to knock a massive $700,000NT per episode, and the production fees are estimated to be $3million NT per episode. However, this pair is definitely going to attract overseas earnings and it also complies with the government pushing for the idea of cross-exchanging with another country. Hence, ‘Full House’ has been entered on the list of Information Bureau’s High-Definition Television programme, and will be granted $9million.

Yesterday, GTV Deputy Director Lai stressed that this drama is not re-filming Korea’s version of ‘Full House’, but is an adaptation of the Korean manga ‘Full House’. The storyline is not the same as Song Hye-Kyo & Rain’s version. Deputy Director Lai smiled saying: “The original manga did not have a Chinese name, ‘Lang Man Man Wu (Full House) is actually GTV’s original creation.”

The new version of ‘Full House’ follows the highly debated issue of cross-exchanging that Chinese people are currently very concerned about. This drama will be directed by Niu Cheng Zhe, and will film scenes in both Taiwan & China. The story tells of the 2 countries being separated for 60 years; Beijing girl Zhou Xun suddenly receives a notice from Taiwan informing her about her inheritance of her grandfather’s legacy. She then travels all the way to Taiwan, and discovers that her grandfather’s house has been rented out to big celebrity star Wu Zun for filming. Hence, she becomes very cold towards him, but gradually, love blossoms beneath their constant bickering and arguments.

This key ancestral house will be chosen in Taipei’s military family village. This village has become the most interesting topic among producers, and GTV revealed that Taipei government has promised their full support, as this village will be developed into a tourist attraction. After ‘Full House’ broadcasts in China, it is expected to become a hot new selling point for young Chinese visitors who come to Taiwan.

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