Pairing of Chen Qiao En and Gao Yi Xiang and dreams are fulfilled

In the premiere screening of the movie, Transformer II (Jingang make-over: War of revenge), Idol drama ‘First Sister’ and F4 Gao Yixiang were invited to grace the occasion. Chen Qiao En make-over with the sexy outlook and Gao Yixiang became the heroic military officer. Chen Qiao En smilingly said that she has no pressure to pose as sexy as Megan Fox and for Gao Yixiang it was as though a dream being fulfilled.

In the Transformer II (Jingang make-over: War of revenge), Megax Fox’s outlook will be sexier than in Transformer I, with sleeveless top and hot pants and riding on a motor-bike and will appeal to the male fans. Chen Qiao En likewise appeared in this attire at last night’s premiere event and the filming crew have to assist her to cover up when she gets off the motor-bike for fear of being exposed. She said that she rushed here from the Idol drama filming scene and is very delighted to change from the ‘village girl’ to the modern outlook. She likes the movie, ‘Transformer I’ and a lot of friends look forward to the movie,‘Transformer II’. With a height of 190 cm Gao Yixiang looks handsome and tall as similar to ‘Qiao Xu Du Ham Mer’ . When he was young, he while enjoying the movie ‘Transformer’, he also collected toys and he is excited to be the Taiwan’s version of the platoon leader.

Transformer II (Jingang make-over: War of revenge) is showing in all parts of Taiwan this evening at 5 pm, and last week when it was shown in England and Japan, it broke the box office ratings and comparing to the first film, it has attracted numerous audience and has a remarkable growth. In Taiwan, they also anticipate the movie to break the box office to 200,000,000 and to emerge the champion in box office takings for the year.

Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

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