Joe Chen Qiao En X Blue Lan Zheng Long's Declaration of Happiness

Chen Qiao En wearing miu miu little black dress, $40,000 NT, Louis Vuittion gold strap leopard print heels, $71,500 NT, Tiffany & Co. Swing white gold necklace, $580,000 NT, Elsa Peretti designs Sevillana white gold diamond ring, $255,999 NT. Blue Lan wearing Prada white t-shirt, $9000 NT, dark long pants, $13000 NT, Tiffany & Co. 1837 jewellery, pure silver bracelet, $24500 NT, pure silver necklace, $14000 NT, ID pure silver bracelet $14500 NT.

In real life the two have experienced similar paths: At the age of 25 experiencing career, changes of relationship, has created the change to become an idol drama’s leading male and female. Changes are often people’s most exciting time, because it means the next step is to go beyond.

[My Self] is the answer for happiness – Joe Chen Qiao En
Joe Chen Qiao En said, 25 years old is a woman’s time to divide or distinguish your life’s needs and things you didn’t will gradually clear up. “In the past would even want to hope a person could tightly hold the hands through life, and now career is the most everything to me.” Joe said in many words, such as love to her is really not that important. Again confirming with her, would that really be more relaxing? She said: “I say if work is good, life would have a good woman. If your work is really good, then your happiness doesn’t have to be given by others.”

[I am really not interested in human beings.] Even though Joe Chen can be cheerful/open, as if anyone can be friends with her, but she does not hide the fact that she does not like talking, she said: "The habits of human beings will always show the best side in front of you, but I do not like it that way." After 25 years old, talking about "humans” are to stay out of her mind, in hear heart retains a corner feeling, and people do not have to always talk, but rather watching movies, reading books, playing with cat, act well, is a way to enjoy ones own happy running small universe.

[He] is a gift of another time – Blue Lan Zheng Long
Blue Lan is often few words spoken in most TV dramas, and besides acting with few signs of emotions. The perfect facial features and proportioned body is easily known as a “handsome guy”, or “Big S’s Ex-Bf” was brought up once again. Other than that? Actually, with his works in drama, you’ll notice since earlier year’s “Big Hospital Little Doctor” to today’s “Policeman”; his acting is gradually maturing, and has improved greatly! In his mind he has a clock, can’t hear any sound, but the needle is moving slowly, once it reaches the right position, then he’ll do what has to be done.

New drama “Easy Fortune Happy Life (Fu Qi You An Kang)” is his big challenge, the character he plays in the drama is a utilitarian-oriented “meat eating man”, but in reality, his lifestyle is as plain as ever, not a bit heavy. Not only does he understands reading Buddhism, regularly rides bike, and has been a vegetarian for a few years. Speaking of environmentally green, he also started to speak more than usual: “Do you know how much more pollution is generated from eating a cow vs being a vegetarian? To be environmentally friendly, he also went to Mongolia to participate in tree planting activities to save desertification. He said his lifestyle is indeed very low, with the exception of smoking, probably not another thing that’s not done yet: "If I quit smoking, I probably would become monk!"

Blue says seriously: “I’m similar to the character in the drama, also wanting to control his own life’s direction, also want to become wealthy. But I wouldn’t be like him to sacrifice others. I tend to prefer to have everyone work together!” His manager says, at one time he was stabbed in the back by a friend and told of his sad feelings, after Blue finished hearing it, said only: “No worries, you still have us!” Even though his words were not a lot, but it was very warm, showing his thoughtfulness to his friends around him.

Source: UDN-Bella
Translated by Cmiley @ http://asianfanatics.net

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