Top 5 Supporting Characters in Manga

For a good manga it is critical that there are strong supporting characters to reinforce the storyline. A survey was taken where people in their teens, 20s, and 30s that liked manga were asked who they thought was the ‘Best Supporting Character’ of all time. The No.1 character was 【Krillin】from the popular manga ‘Dragon Ball’, written by Toriyama Akira. “Without Krillin the manga would never have become popular. (Male /20s / Tokyo)” said one respondent, and many others gave similar answers.

Krillin is a fellow disciple and friend of the main character Son Goku. They underwent the same grueling training and fought enemies alongside each other. “Time and time again Krillin was given important roles in key scenes. He is the archetype of all supporting characters. (Male / Teens / Chiba)” There were also a lot of people who said “He made Goku look better! (Female / 20s / Kanagawa)” Many people cited his great personality. “He was always looking out for his friends, and the manga won’t be the same without his cheerful character. (Male / 20s / Ehime)”

【Roronoa Zoro】from ‘ONE PIECE’ came in at No.2. The man of strong integrity and valor left a lasting impact on many fans. “He’s so cool. I like his way of living, his way of thinking, and also how he is constantly trying to better himself. (Male / 30s / Osaka)” There was lots of praise for his unrelenting support of main character Monkey D. Luffy. “Even though he is as strong as Luffy, he’s always ready to help the captain [Luffy]. He’s also willing to sacrifice himself for the other crew members…he is truly a man among men. (Male / 30s / Miyagi)”

The No.3 spot went to【Goda Takeshi (Gian)】from ‘ドラえもん / Doraemon’. Although he is the undisputed and sometimes ruthless boss of the group, he is also fair and considerate in his own way. “He’s rather self-centered but a good guy at heart. (Female / 20s / Tokyo)” “He can be rough and harsh at times yet he is a person you can always depend on. (Male / Teens / Miyagi)” A number of other people pointed out that he helped flesh out the story. “[Main character] Nobi Nobita and Doraemon could not have bonded as strongly without Gian [occasionally bullying Nobita]! (Female / 20s / Aichi)”

【Kogure Kiminobu】from ‘SLAM DUNK’ took the No.4 spot. His ‘fatherly’ concern for his teammates was a memorable part of the manga. “It’s great how he always seemed to genuinely care about the team. (Male / 20s / Saitama)” Another ‘ONE PIECE’ character【Tony Tony Chopper】was No.5. A lot of fans liked his cute looks and personality. “I think Chopper’s unique presence makes the story more interesting. (Female / 20s / Fukushima)”.

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