Kim Hyun Joong lends Kim Joon a helping hand

Despite his frequent trips to hospital plus an unrelenting schedule with SS501, Kim Hyun Joong still took out time to show us his deep friendship bond with fellow F4 member, Kim Joon, which was formed during filming for Boys Before Flowers.

Kim Hyun Joong recently took part in the filming of the MV for Kim Joon's solo song titled Joon, Be Ok! (or Ready, OK!), with the latter getting some tips from Hyun Joong while also expressing the immense amount of stress that he was facing. Hyun Joong said, "Hope that my appearance (in the MV) will bring him some needed strength."

According to Planet 905, "Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon have similar backgrounds in the entertainment industry, be it acting, solo songs, etc, so they are able to understand each others' situation very well. Hyun Joong wanted to show his support despite his busy schedule." Kim Hyun Joong had also appeared at Lee Min Ho's fan meeting, showing the deep friendship that he has formed with the other F4 members.

Kim Joon's solo MV starring Kim Hyun Joong will be out on 9th July. Kim Joon's solo song will be included on T-Max's new album, out on the same day.

Monday June 29, 2009 Korea

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