Kim Joon changed after Boys Over Flowers

According to the T-Max group members, Kim Joon has changed ever since he played Song Woo Bin in the drama Boys Over Flowers. Leader Shin Min Chul revealed "Ever since Kim Joon became an F4 member, he has changed a lot. I can reveal it now. Before he started acting, he would always ask me (the leader) everything, but now he does not give in and is much more confident. He also says "Don't worry. I'm F4." rather comfortably."

Aside from this, the group also talked about the time when they had to introduce themselves as the 'Dancing SG Wannabe'. The group mentioned "When we think about it now, it's really embarrassing. The company president said that we need to make this our motto because at the time, SG Wannabe was a popular, three-member group. We had to introduce ourselves as 'Dancing SG Wannabe' because we weren't particularly good enough at dancing to be called idols."

Date: Monday, June 29, 2009 Korea

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