Anti-drug poster featuring Yukie Nakama to go up at schools nationwide

TOKYO — Ryu Shionoya, 59, a senior official at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, recently showed off the new anti-drug poster featuring actress Yukie Nakama, 29, that will be put up at junior high schools, high schools and universities around Japan this month. The poster says "NO! DRUG" in English in a large white font, and underneath
it says "dame, zettai" – which means something to the effect of not taking them under any circumstances.

The poster targeting drug use among young people coincides with this month's release of "Gokusen THE MOVIE," starring Nakama as Kumiko Yamaguchi – mathematics teacher and granddaughter of a yakuza boss - and she is wearing her trademark sports gear in the poster. She is folding her arms and in smaller white font next to her resolute pose is a sentence that says: "Let's get the courage to stand up and protect those important to us."

Source: Japantoday

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