Chen Qiao En was criticized and shed tears in the studio

Chen Qiao En was often mistaken for being big-headed but she said that she has never changed before. On the earlier occasion when she was guesting in ‘Kang Xi Lai Le’, she was very uptight and after the incident, Blue Lan praised her for being audacious. After that, she was invited to ‘Lan Xin Mei Wei Shi Jie Mo’ [Xin Kong Bu Yeh Cheng]. 「星空不夜城」. Under the undue tender atmosphere, she shed tears twice on topics relating to 'Haughtiness' and Golden Bell Awards.

[Xin Kong Bu Yeh Chen]「星空不夜城」penetrates on topics relating to the artiste inner feelings and other than Lee Li Jan and Chen Qiao En, the newly married Hsu Hua Feng will also appear.

The host Lan Xin Mei told Chen Qiao En that she is not a cold person nor a person who is slow in warming up, do not live in the eyes and mouths of others, you are Chen Qiao En and this made her off guide.

Chen Qiao En related that there was once when a camera crew was on site to film a BTS and she was having gastric pain so she said very little. In the end she was read as being arrogant and the other party even scolded her for giving awful face and commented that she is different from before. Due to this, she shed tears.

Accompanying her for this programme are her good pals, ‘Ah Long’ and ‘Xia Yu Qiao’ and they revealed the other side of Chen Qiao En where she has got guts. Ah Long accompanied Chen Qiao En to Hong Kong and she went to buy a cup at the supermart. The salesperson told her that she need to buy coffee powder as well but she insisted that she only wants to buy the cup and both parties refuse to give in.

Xia Yu Qiao mentioned that when she went Thailand for tour with Chen Qiao En, the cab driver deliberately went round an round and to some remote places. So Chen Qiao En uses English Language to query him and pretended that she has asthma attack and even pulled down the windscreen to call for help. She only gave the cab driver one third of the cab fare. Xia Yu Qiao said that she can only say Qiao En is very daring.

Source: UDN
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

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