Lee Si Young explains her fake name and age rumors

Lee Si Young whose relationship with JunJin was made public and became headline news this past week, came out on tv to address all sorts of rumors surrounding her background, and admitting that they were indeed very real.

This happened on SBS Ya Shim Man Man shown on 29th June where Lee Si Young appeared as 1 of the invited guests alongside Bae Soo Bin and Kim Tae Won. She truthfully spoke up on the rumors of her faking her real age and name plus her relationship with JunJin.

With regards to having a real name but yet keeping it hidden and pretending that her stage name is her real name, Lee Si Young said, "Lee Si Young is my real name now. My original name was Lee Eun Rae but I changed it (legally) to Lee Si Young."

As for reporting her age to be 2 years younger than her actual age of 28, Lee Si Young admitted, "When I auditioned for roles, I reported my age as 26 instead of 28, that's the truth." Lee Si Young added that because of the age issue, it's hard for a newbie like her to get selected for roles as people do judge actresses based on their age and also explains why some actresses do not really reveal their ages.

Source: allkpop

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