Lee Si Young turns passive

We have all known Lee Si Young for being one frank lady who always speaks her mind about everything and her fans love her for that. Well, that has to change now after her relationship with JunJin was made public not so long ago since she has lost an opportunity to headline a drama.

As we all know, Lee Si Young is in the movie Ogamdo, an anthology film based around the theme of eros, and she attended the premiere yesterday evening. But that will be the only time that Lee Si Young is promoting the movie as it was revealed that she will not be doing any promotions after that. This was a sharp contrast to earlier news that she would be actively involved, and that has puzzled many of her fans.

The original plan was for Lee Si Young to be actively involved in promoting Ogamdo, where she appears alongside Kim Dong Wook, Jung Eui Chul, Song Joong Ki, Sin Se Gyeong and Lee Sung Min in 1 of the five interconnected segments, Trust the Moment (provocative love) of the movie directed by Oh Ki Hwan. But after her relationship with JunJin was made public, she has become rather passive in front of the media and GnG Production also revealed that Si Young will not be promoting the movie.

The movie production company expressed that Lee Si Young has always showed a willingness to learn during the filming as she was still considered to be pretty much a newbie in the acting industry. But she has adopted a rather passive attitude in recent times and they are guessing that she is afraid that her frank nature during interviews would be misinterpreted by the media and subsequently blown up.

Lee Si Young has also declined all media interviews except for Korean movie website, Cine21. In addition, the reporter was reminded not to ask Lee Si Young anything about JunJin and just concentrate on asking about Lee Si Young's role in Ogamdo.

But it's not all gloom though as JunJin turned up at the movie premiere like he promised earlier, to hand flowers to Lee Si Young and give her encouragement.

Source: allkpop

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