Da S bathes half-naked Louis Koo

Film 'Forbidden City Cop: Smart Dog' starring Hong Kong artist Louis Koo & Da S will premiere in August. This is the first time Da S is acting in a comedy, and to win husband Louis's heart, not only does she have to kiss him, she also has to bathe him, making the usually bold and brave Da S cry out in embarrassment.

Following the plot arrangement, Da S is lucky enough to see Louis's 'youthful body'. She expressed: "Even though I’m not the one who has to get into the bathtub, I still feel my heartbeat accelerate. Facing half-naked Louis, I really feel a bit embarrassed!" At the same time, Da S praised Louis saying that although his appearance looks cold, he handles laughter very well; he is an all-round actor.

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

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