Park Han-byeol On Her Relationship with Se7en

Actress Park Han-byeol talked about her relationship with singer Se7en on the KBS TV show "Champagne" on July 4. She and Se7en have been dating since high school, which they attended together.

Park also talked about how a photo showing her with Lee Seo-jin caused a misunderstanding between her and Se7en. In the photo, she and Lee are shown holding each other's hands. Park said the photo was taken during the production announcement of a TV drama in which they co-starred, and that they were captured holding each other's hands when they were pushing each other to step forward during a photo shoot.

Park said, "We were joking, but that very moment was captured in photos. Journalists even wrote that Lee Seo-jin attempted to touch me and that I disliked that." She added that Se7en also saw the picture and believed what the journalists wrote. She said, "I told him that was not true and he believed me."

On the question whether or not they were ever tired of each other during their seven years of dating, Park said that contrary to the saying that lovers' feelings subside after three years, her relationship with Se7en became more genuine in the third and fourth year of dating.

Park plays Han Jin-kyung in the KBS TV1 daily drama "Jolly Widows." Her character is a troublemaker who is not intelligent but who becomes very diligent and devoted when it comes to things that she likes. (In photos: scenes from the show)

Source: KBS global

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