New details about Nodame movie

The "Nodame Cantabile" movie is going to come out in December this year and now there has been a flood of new details concerning the locations, cast and other stuff.

One of the biggest new locations in the movie is going to be the "capital of music", Vienna. Actor Tamaki Hiroshi (29) about the location, "I can feel the weight of all the history this city holds and I’m becomming really tense." Actress Ueno Juri (23) too, "There’s no better place to concentrate than here." Celebrated musicians like Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms have been active in Vienna and you can find statues of them in the local park.

It’s the first time ever that a Japanese movie is going to be filmed in the historic "Wiener Musikverein" and its golden hall, the same hall where even famous Japanese conductor Ozawa Seiji (73) once made an amazing performance. Now it’s Tamaki who gets the honor to conduct "Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony" for the filming of Nodame. Ueno admired his performance, "He looked so cool. You can feel the power of Chiaki’s (Tamaki) personal growth up he went through up until now."

Last month on the 16th, they already started filming in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. They continued in Brno, the Czech Republic and after that they arrived in Vienna, Austria. After Vienna, they went back to Brno also filmed a few scenes Prague. Right now they are in France and about to start filming in Paris. In September they are going to start filming the 2nd part (movie comes in 2 parts). In Vienna they had a team consisting of 60 Japanese, plus a mix of 64 Austrians and Czechs working on the movie. A total of 110 extras came from Japan to appear in several (big) scenes like in the hall.

New cast members are going to be actor Tanihara Shosuke (36), comedian and actor Nadagi Takeshi (38) and comedian Chad Mullane (29).

Source: kawaii-joyuu

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