SS501 loves purchases, do not worry about price

Korea boyband 5 people band SS501, first time in Taiwan, lifting up an extraordinary tornado wave. All of them has very strong opinions towards clothes & hairstyle. Usually all like buying but habits are totally different. the only similarity is that they don't really consider the price of the item, ie how expensive it is. The others pointed out that Jung Min spends most of his time on adjusting the attire & purchasing. He replies, He likes studying the latest Fashion, because he has long hands & legs so he would especially notice which attire suits his figure. Leader Hyun Joong looks at the season when choosing his purchases. During Summer he dislike going out, so in Winter, he mainly shops in the winter time. Hyun Joong, secretly loves buying V neck tops so he would observe some designer's new work.

The other 3 members belong to the impulsive purchase sort. Hyung Joon says, Once he sees something he likes, he will buy it. He will always buy a lot every time he shops. In his house, there's an exceptional amount of jeans, accessories & shades. Young Saeng says, he thinks of wanting something first then go buy it. Whether the clothes are cheap or expensive collections. he would buy whichever he wants. The self labelled "Lacking far behind members in Fashion sense's," Kyu Jong has no sense in resistance when it comes to shoes; once he sees something he likes, he will just buy it impulsively.

In the 3 days 2 night's busy schedules, SS501 specially took time off for UDN news "Star taste" special column, changed into a person full of LV male attire. 5 big boys at that instant, had an additional level of matured guys feel. For the preparation of the photo shoot, they had to wake up at 9am for grooming & matching. which took 3 hours. "Loves being pretty"Jung Min although satisfied with such a handsome outfit, yet sighed saying, "Normally, if we were to wear out in this, it will be too attention grabbing, probably have to wear a cap or shades to hide. " Hyun Joong also said: "Wearing this outfit, don't feel like working, would like wearing it to attend a party to have fun."

Have lots of opinions in one's dressing, SS501 towards girlfriend's dress style's attitudes are very open minded, respecting opposite's liking, but all hoping future girlfriend could wear more of skirts, more girly like, Hyun Joong says: :"I Like seeing girls wear 1 piece dresses." While Kyu Jong says he won't interfere wth the her style. For Hyung Joon & Young Saeng, "As long as she does not just wear a swimsuit or bra on the streets, all's fine.," Jung Min likes it more when the opposite dresses abit sexily. Only Hyun Joong upon hearing "revealing" two words (in Chinese), had a distress face saying: "I will probably be unable to control & interfere."

Source: udn
Translations: lehc_ar@soompi/putadot@quainte
Editor: Nikki@asianfanatics.net/News
Additional credits: wanyu0730@YT

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