Kim HyunJoong “Noona fans look to me like an oppa”

SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong had a date with about 70 fans on 4-Jul.

Chicken brand ‘Hotsun’, who signed Kim HyunJoong as their brand model, selected customers who applied through their homepage for the one-day date.

[Interview : Kim HyunJoong]
“We enjoyed eating and chatted a lot together. Though it only lasted for a short while, we chatted a lot, answering them sincerely on the things that they are curious about…”

For the one-day date with Kim HyunJoong, female fans came from Seoul and of course, from other cities as well.

In order to see Kim HyunJoong in a close distance, they seems to be completely enjoying and filled with happiness even though they waited for a long time.

[At the scene : Kim HyunJoong]
“Hello, your name please? Ah right…”

[At the scene : Fan]
“I came after receiving a phone call from here.”

[At the scene : Kim HyunJoong]
“I know.”

The lucky female fans had the chance to get the personally signed CD which contains the new songs during this commemoration shooting with Kim HyunJoong, most of these fans are noona fans.

After the one-day date ended, during their conversation time, Kim HyunJoong expressed his feelings about receiving focused love of these noona fans.

[Interview : Kim HyunJoong]
Q) How do you feel when you see noona fans…?
A) “I don’t particularly like being called oppa. I find it more comfortable to just be frank and use informal language. So if the person who is younger than me uses it now and then, it shows their characters. Hope you understand.”

Q) How many years older would you be able to take…?
A) “Well. I’ve met some who have lived twice as long as me among my fans, but even so, I see them the same as any others. Everyone would always look upon me like an oppa however I would even want to hug all of them in my case.” (? Not too sure abt this answer)

Kim HyunJoong will come back to his fans with his new song on 06-July.

SS501 ambitiously prepared this SS501 collection album which consists of each members’ solo song which will be released on 06-July. After which, they will hold their first Asia Tour concert in Seoul concurrently to commemorate the release of their official 2nd album on 01-Aug & 02-Aug, leaving their fans to give them lots of support and anticipation.

Credits : YT star + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @Quainte501.com

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