Shawn Yue and Rainie Yang once again collaborate as lovers

Shawn Yue and his past rumored girlfriend Rainie Yang attended the opening ceremony for their new film “The Child’s Eye” yesterday. Due to his aunt being quite ill, Shawn appeared to be unhappy yesterday. Coincidentally, Rainie’s aunt is also suffering from illness. Both appear to be having the same problems.

At the opening ceremony there were no forms of communication between Shawn and Rainie; they both appeared to be unfamiliar with one another. Afterwards, reporters asked to take a photo of them. Shawn appeared quite awkward even though there were also other actors and actresses with them. Rainie has many fans in Thailand; 7 or 8 of them appeared at the ceremony requesting to take photos with her. Rainie politely greeted them in Thai.

In the film Rainie and Shawn act as a couple. Since cooperating in the film “Tomorrow” 8 years ago, they have not kept in touch. They have only bumped into each other at awards ceremonies. Cooperating once again, she feels that they have both matured. Will they have intimate scenes in their new film? Rainie said that they won’t. In contrast, there will be many scenes of them arguing. Is she worried that there will be rumors of them once again? She said breathlessly, “It has been a long time ago. At the time, the rumors were very lame. Time has proven that we are innocent. I am very happy. There was no awkwardness between us in our collaboration this time”.

Since Shawn’s aunt is very ill and is currently in the hospital, he worn sunglasses throughout the ceremony and appeared to be expressionless. He expressed that after the cermony is over, he will rush back to Hong Kong to visit his aunt. He will return to filming next week. He will only be playing a cameo in this film, so filming will take only about two to three weeks. As for his salary for this film, he will only be accepting “cameo salary”. Will his family problems affect his mood? He said, “Definitely not”. When asked if Rainie has changed since their last time cooperating, he felt that she didn’t change much and is still very young. With regards to Rainie revealing that they did not keep in touch, will he ask her for her phone number his time? He said, “I forgot to ask. I was too concentrated on filming. Later on we will be able to see other due to job  opportunies or promotion events”. He revealed that they will have a romantic scene in the film. When asked if he is afraid that rumors will spread again, he said that rumors can not be evaded. If people decide focus on them, there is nothing he can do about it.

News Source: takungpao
Translation credits: http://hkentnews.wordpress.com

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