Nishikido Undergoing Secret Training!

The 6 NEWS members are the hosts for the special TV program ‘24時間テレビ32 愛は地球を救う / 24HOUR TELEVISION / LOVE SAVES THE EARTH’ (August 29th, 30th), and recently appeared at a press conference! For this year the main slogan of the program will be ‘START! ~Ippo o Fumidaso~ (lit. Let’s take a step forward)’. When asked by reporters if there were any things he would like to take a first step towards, Nishikido Ryo (24) replied “I grow thin easily so I want to gain weight. Also, since my feet have no arches I want to develop some.” A body that loses weight naturally…some people might envy him for that! During the 24 hour program look for arches on his feet!!

Nishikido has also been cast in a difficult role for the special drama that will be broadcast in the program!

Source: music japan

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