Yoo Dong Geun tried to matchmake Lee Yeon Hee and Song Seung Hun

Veteran actor, Yoo Dong Geun made a surprise relevation recently that he had tried to matchmake Song Seung Hun and Lee Yeon Hee during the filming of MBC's East of Eden earlier in the year. Coincidentally, Yoo Dong Geun was the father of Lee Yeon Hee's character in East of Eden while Song Seung Hun romanced Yeon Hee. This relevation came about on MBC talkshow, Come to Play which will be aired tonight in Korea where Yoo Dong Geun was one of the guests alongside Jo Min Ki, Jung Tae Woo and Im Ho in a King's Special (all of them was king/emperor at least once in dramas).

Yoo Dong Geun said during the show, "I couldn't help but tried to matchmake the both of them (Song Seung Hun, Lee Yeon Hee) because they looked really compatible with each other." He also revealed that he had tried to sound out Yeon Hee about Song Seung Hun during a conversation, "Don't you find Seung Hun to be very handsome? If you managed to grab him, your life will become very beautiful." Yoo Dong Geun revealed that Yeon Hee did not show any dislike on her face at all and he said, "It would be great if that happened." All the staff around them were shocked to hear him say that.

Yoo Dong Geun then went over to Song Seung Hun and said, "If you manage to woo Yeon Hee now, your life will become a real success." But Song Seung Hun rejected the idea saying that it would be too great of an expectation. Yoo Dong Geun finished by saying, "I thought that it would be really great if they were really together because of their reactions. So I kept trying to matchmake them from the side continously."

During the days when East of Eden were on air, rumors were flying around that Lee Yeon Hee (21) and Song Seung Hun (32) were dating on and off screen although both of them denied in separate statements that they were as they were very busy.

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