Other than martial arts fighting, Wu Chun also wish to be in love

On 12 June, directed by Daniel Lee, supervised and produced by Zeng Pei Shan, the romantic martial arts huge production 14 Blades took the chance of Shanghai International Film Festival to hold a press conference. It is the first time Xu Zi Shan, who will be acting as the film's mysterious and sexy lady killer, Tuo Tuo, made an official public appearance. Wu Chun and Qi Yu Wu, who attended the event together, took the chance to reveal the 'secrets' of the film as Director Daniel Lee was absent from the event. Wu Chun, who accepted our exclusive interview, revealed that his image is too revealing and he has to work harder on toning his body, otherwise, it wouldn't be good if he disappoints the audience. After filming two period films consecutively, Wu Chun also hope to act in modern films. Currently, he wish to act in police film and love comedy. He feels that it is not bad to be in a good love story.

During the first press conference which marked the commencement of the filming, Wu Chun ever introduced his character as a martial arts expert, and also a rather sexy leader of the thugs. And the actual attire of his character caused even himself to be astounded. Wu Chun revealed, the most important highlight of his costume which the director designed, is surprisingly a navel revealing costume!

"Everyone can see my abs, because it has been a long time since I've been gyming, I don't feel really good, so recently I've been gyming more intensively, hopefully by then everyone can see a Wu Chun with perfect abs.

But Wu Chun emphasized that the sexiness isn't deliberate.

"The director designed this character to require such a graceful and elegant image, hence the choice of clothes is sexier and will get to see a more muscular me, these are all required by the character. Personally I don't care about revealing myself to attract viewers."

Wu Chun acted in the film Butterfly Lovers not too long after his debut, and it has received rather good comments. Wu Chun, who likes martial art fighting, expressed that he admires Donnie Yen and had hoped that there will be a chance to work with him. Not long later, he was asked to work with his idol Donnie Yen. Being widely addressed as the most famous male idol now, Wu Chun modestly expressed that he's really too lucky.

He wished to act in martial arts film and he got to act in Butterfly Lovers. He wished to act with Donnie Yen and he got to act in 14 Blades. He would never think of being able to obtain all these in the past.

"I'm very happy that everyone will like me. As for the comments from outside, I'm never bothered with them. Because of everyone's attention and interest in me, I will work harder to do my best, I will train and improve my acting and abilities. To improve quickly and get everyone's affirmation is what I want to see the most."

Able to work with an actor whom he likes, Wu Chun honestly said that he's super lucky. Donnie Yen has always been a great martial arts superstar in his eyes. Previously, he had never expected to be able to work with Donnie Yen so soon.

"Donnie Yen totally doesn't have the airs of a superstar. This time, the fighting style and the previous time is different, I'll get to use my legs and weapon. For the areas of martial arts, Donnie Da ge *(To address an older guy with seniority)* taught me a lot of techniques and areas which I have to take note, so that I won't get injured so easily. During training, Donnie Da ge came to visit and he felt that I had put a lot of effort on fighting, and he encouraged me to practice more and not to think so much. This relieved quite a bit of my worry about being nervous when fighting with my idol when the time comes. It also decreased quite a bit of my pressure. Actually the pressure comes from myself. I always want to do everything to its best, but this way, I'm giving a lot of burden to myself. Donnie Da ge has taught me a lot in this area. Just do my best and don't care about other people's views. It's all right as long as I've tried my best. Expecting too much from myself might not be a good thing. I feel that I can learn a lot from him, not just on fighting, but also on being a person, on being an actor. He teaches me very often, and gives me suggestions on how to fight and it will look better on screen, so that my actions will be better with less effort, and the kind of sparring effect will be more obvious."

14 Blades is Wu Chun's 2nd film on the big screen. After filming two period films consecutively, Wu Chun wonder if the audience will get tired of seeing him in period films. Although personally, he likes period films, he also thinks it'll be good to try out new things.

When asked about what he wishes to try, Wu Chun said "Modern films should be quite good. Previously he has acted in idol dramas and it's not bad, but it's different from movies. Hope that I will get some different scripts, like police films. But love comedy is not bad as well. I like to watch this kind of love flicks, don't always just fight here and there, it's not bad to have a good romance. Shows about love are very popular now. I also feel like trying out different areas, so that I can train up my acting and build up a good base for my future. Hope that everyone will support me."

Source: Baidu
Translated by: NicoleYBJ of Wu Zun's thread @ asianfanatics

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